E9.1 Landed Cost Rule By Supplier/Branch Combo


Hi - for purchase orders we are currently using Landed Cost Rule's to populate our 01 last in price. Due to a large number of items that have freight cost variations have taken the approach where our landed cost rule is applied for an average % against a vendor - we have set this up and it is working well (Landed Cost Rule with average freight % being pulled from Supplier rather than Item/Branch). Our issue is arising because depending on the ship to location we have different freight averages (more expensive to ship to East Coast then West Coast) and we ultimately want to apply the landed cost rule based on Supplier/Ship To relationship. Does anyone know if this is possible?

Hi Adam

I thought I would attach the current hierarchy of how landed cost rules are applied from the manual and how that your scenario (which from my reading of your post) requires that the combination of Supplier AND Branch is not listed below - confirming your issue....

A Landed Cost Rule can be attached to three programs; it can also be established based on the Item Branch/Plant combination (P41291). The Landed Cost search hierarchy is as follows:
  1. Landed costs that are assigned to the item/branch in Landed Cost Revisions (P41291). No landed cost rule.
  2. Landed Cost Rule manually entered or entered in processing option of Purchase Order (P4310) application.
  3. Landed Cost Rule in the PO Header (defaulted by Supplier). For example if an order has a Landed Cost populated in the header, the Landed Cost Rule will get copied down to the detail lines in the new order being created.
  4. Landed Cost Rule on the Item B/P Category codes.
  5. Landed Cost Rule on the Item Master Category codes. If there is no Cost Rule Found in Steps 1-4, but there is a Cost Rule found in the Item Master, the Item Master Cost Rule will be copied in to the Order Detail.
So, for years without modification you have been limited to the above functionality, and none of these meet your requirement to vary the Landed Cost Rule by Supplier and Branch..... until along came ORCHESTRATOR. Orchestrator with Logic Extensions and the associated tools functionality provided in the latest release is a game changer for all JDE users, especially for issues such as this.

For example, it can allow you to set up automated activities to populate the Landed Cost rule on the PO Detail file using your own business rules (e.g combining Supplier and Branch to set the Landed Cost rule) at a varying number of points in the PO cycle, to provide what I believe to be a solution to your scenario WITHOUT modifications.

I would suggest that you discuss this further with your local business partner or message me direct and we can set up this together.

Craig Potter