landed cost

  1. E9.1 Landed Cost Rule By Supplier/Branch Combo

    Hi - for purchase orders we are currently using Landed Cost Rule's to populate our 01 last in price. Due to a large number of items that have freight cost variations have taken the approach where our landed cost rule is applied for an average % against a vendor - we have set this up and it is...
  2. Re-applying landed cost to a PO Receipt

    RD#54500955 is the PO Receipt and RD#54500956 is the landed cost. Can I still apply another landed cost(Making 2 Landed Costs) for 54500955 without reversing it? I cannot see those RDs in Stand Alone Landed Cost. I believe it is not possible anymore once it has a landed cost already. Thank you.
  3. Landed Cost

    HI, We are implementing Landed Cost Management in JDE 9.0 I have established AAI 4310 for Inventory Account and 4320 for Receipts not voucher I have established AAI 4385 and 4390 for other charges i.e. Port Dues, Clearance etc etc. Now the problem is Our Accounts department wants to hit...