performance issue with advance pricing BSSV (Custome)


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We need to develop BSSV which will retrieve advance pricing for given number of item .In our case we may pass thousands of item at a time.
to improve performance ,i will write code in NER and call this NER via BSSV but still it will take lot of time to perform calculation .
Is there any way I can do this by cache or any other possible way .
Our requirement is if I pass 1000 item it should retrieve its price based on advance pricing setup which may include lots of BSFN call and table IO internally in minimum possible time .

System info : E1 9.1 ,weblogic server

The only way to realistically "cache" your pricing results would be to calculate the prices and populate them in a table. Is this for some sort of online customer price book or something?
Thanks Russell ,
Yes it is kind of online order entry where we need to display all prices for configured items before order entry ,
you mean I have to develop BSFN which will cache item price result and then i should use them in BSSV .

Hi Pintya,
Currently I encounter similiar requirement, need to retrieve advance price information from JDE to the website online order, Could you share some approaches? which Service call we can use? and before we finally submit the online order to JDE system, whether we can simulate the price information to show on the website first? Thanks.