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  1. fbrammer

    E9.0 Go-to-End (Go to End) Performance?

    I think our users are expecting way too much from the Go-to-End functionality, but I'm trying to get some guidance. Obviously different interfaces perform dramatically different depending on number of columns, business function calls, attachments and etc. We're also very aware of all the...
  2. J

    Scheduled job running at ~10% speed after IPL/backups

    Hello all! We've come up empty-handed so I'm reaching out to the masses for advice. I'm a sysadmin turned BA so forgive me if I initially leave out pertinent information. We have a pretty hefty custom job that processes incredibly slowly at the end of the month after we do back-ups and IPL...
  3. S

    BSSV bad Performance

    Hi Dears, i use "Sales Order Manager " BSSV which is standard one that i use it to retrieve sales orders of specific criteria , actually i create a web portal for company's customers in order to make them login and query about their orders, invoices , and other information. i consume "Sales...
  4. Y

    The performance problem when OS of Webserver is WindowsServer2012R2

    Hi! We have two JDE EnterpriseOne 9.1 instance on TOOLS9.1 and 9.2 with two AS400 Enterprise/DB LPARS on V7R1. <Cause> After E1 Webclient login execution of SQL via a webserver(WindowsServer2012 R2) is slow. <Oracle SR GCS comment> The difference in the Tools versions ( >
  5. J

    R3482 MRP is slow sporadically

    Nothing in the data/version has changed. Doesn't matter if it's Gross Regen or Net Change. For example this week Net Change ran on Tuesday and took 5.5 hours, then ran on Wednesday and took 2.25 hours (which is normal). We see this a couple of times a week. Went through the MRP Performance...
  6. P

    performance issue with advance pricing BSSV (Custome)

    Hello, We need to develop BSSV which will retrieve advance pricing for given number of item .In our case we may pass thousands of item at a time. to improve performance ,i will write code in NER and call this NER via BSSV but still it will take lot of time to perform calculation . Is there any...
  7. R

    Excessive delay in Login and first time opening of any application - 9.1 tools 9.1.5

    Hi, We have a JDE lab instance running application 9.1 with tools Our WebLogic 12c based HTML server is having unexplained performance issues. Each time we login, it takes more than a 1.5 mins to come to home screen. Each time a new application is opened, it takes almost an eternity to...