PDF Security on Windows 2003 Terminal Server


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We created an Application-PSFT group and have given them full control to
the e810 folder, files and subfolders on the terminal server. When a
user selects to view a pdf the pdf in the printqueue gets only
administrator, system and the user permissions to the pdf, is not
inheriting the permissions. This does not allow any other user to view
this pdf. If we create a text file in the printqueue directory the
Application-PSFT group gets permissions.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


Dave Rammer

Sheboygan County IS Dept

HP-UX Enterprise Server (11.11) Oracle database

Prod: EO810, Tools release 8.93_N1 Citrix Presentation Server 4
Windows 2003 R2 SP1

Test: EO810 Web, Tools Release 8.95_J1 OAS
Citrix Presentation Server 4 Windows 2003 R2 SP1

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