JDE1 8.11 on windows server 2008 R2


Hello everyone,

Let me explain the situation. We are currently under JDE1 8.11 SP1 with the deployment server is on a windows 2003 server.
We want as part of a migration, move the deployment server on a Windows 2008R2 server.
My question is the following:. Is that 8.11 JDE1 sP1 is compatible with windows 2008R2 ?

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Jonathan Bitane


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Probably - but depends on your setup.
Many many moons ago (~180) JDE recommended putting Central Objects data in a separate database on the DS. Are you one of those old customers that still follow that recommendation?
Another potential issue is the version of Visual Studio you have. Check Microsoft and Oracle web site for any compatibility issues for 'C' compiles (Package Builds).

Other than that JDE pretty much just uses a deployment server as a file server.