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    Migration path for E1 Local Database from SSE 2005 to OEE 12c Released

    Some of you might have this requirement , especially if you are doing a tools upgrade to 9.2 , but on Apps 9.0 and you are currently using SSE 2005 as your E1 Local Database. Tools 9.2 does not officially certify Win 2008 for the Dep Server , but interestingly still certifies Win 7 (so in all...
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    Migrate from Worldsoftware A.7 to E1 9.1 Tools 9.1 - Questions, known issues..

    Hi everybody, i'm looking for some advices and return of experiences regarding the migration from A7.3 (AS400...) to the latest release of E1 (9.1) Are there some known issues or tips in order to migrate safely ? - Data Base : DB400 to Oracle - OS : Linux vs Windows - Virtualization : Hyper V vs...
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    JDE1 8.11 on windows server 2008 R2

    Hello everyone, Let me explain the situation. We are currently under JDE1 8.11 SP1 with the deployment server is on a windows 2003 server. We want as part of a migration, move the deployment server on a Windows 2008R2 server. My question is the following:. Is that 8.11 JDE1 sP1 is...