Payroll Workbench - print payments not working


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Client is on E1 9.2, TR

We have one user who is having a problem trying to print reports from payroll workbench. Within payroll workbench, they find the payroll ID, select it, then go to the row exit for Payments/Print Payments. They check the box for checks and then OK and nothing happens. No pop-up errors and the screen just does nothing until it's exited.

Seeing this one error in the jas log: [RUNTIME]OWVirtual.processVTEvent error#2: cannot find control for a control event.

I only found one small reference to this on Oracle. It says:

OWVirtual.processVTEvent error#2: cannot find control for a control event
This means that there is something wrong with the concerned application. All application events are associated with a control and E1 cannot have an orphan event that does not belong to any control. Check with the correct application team in Oracle Support or your Developer and have them inspect the application. This may be caused by an incorrect design or corrupted specs. This could only be fixed from the application side (by removing the orphan event or by attaching it to the correct control).

But I don't think we're looking at incorrect design or corrupted specs, because this process works fine for other users. Wondering if it's an orphan event for the one user but not sure how to find and/or fix if that's what it is. I suspect this may be a functional/setup issue.

Any ideas?