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P95620 - 'From' Email address change. What additional config is required?


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Hi ‘technical’ people
In the BI Publishing Burst definition (P95620) is a field to override the ‘from’ email address.
For this to work obviously the address needs to be valid and have the appropriate permissions. This however is where my knowledge is lacking. I now understand that from a JDE perspective changes need to be made in the JDE.ini of the server that processes the UBE as well as the enterprise manager. An external organisation made those changes and the email subsequently sent did indeed have the new address as indicated in the burst setup as the ‘From’ address. At least it did whilst testing with my internal email address…..

Once I tried to send emails externally, no more emails were sent and even other BI Publishing documents (still set up to send from the default address) were no longer emailed!
We have since reversed all setup.

However I would still like to use this functionality. Does anybody have an insight why this failed and/or have a clear set of instructions as to what is required?
TIA, Sef

Mike Mackinnon

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Is the email destination external to company or internal to local network?

I think we discussed this in another post that was in the 'regular' JDE application folder.