1. Sef

    P95620 - 'From' Email address change. What additional config is required?

    Hi ‘technical’ people In the BI Publishing Burst definition (P95620) is a field to override the ‘from’ email address. For this to work obviously the address needs to be valid and have the appropriate permissions. This however is where my knowledge is lacking. I now understand that from a JDE...
  2. bakerzoid

    JDE Standalone 9.1 - JDE.INI, JAS.INI, JDBJ.INI Files - Windows 8.1 Install

    Hi Folks, Installed Standalone 9.1 on Windows 8.1. Solutions Explorer, seems to work fine. I can launch programs, update data fields, etc. I launch the Enterprise One Menu from the Tools drop down and it displays as it should. However, if I launch a program from Fast Path such as P0010, it...