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P2V - E810 - Any experiences?


Just wanted to know if anyone has ever tried a P2V of their OV server and whether it completed ok?

We are running this old and unsupported version and are having issues with the physical server running 2008 R2, Ive attempted a P2V which seems to work but are unable to access the app from any clients.

When running the conversion all of the hardware and corresponding software is removed for the physical, everything else is maintained including hostname and IP.

Listening port is open and seems to be ok, just not getting any connections to the server.

Any suggestions or experiences?



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Finn - it shouldn't be an issue if the hostname and IP Address remain the same.

Are you referring to the Enterprise Server, Deployment Server or a Citrix Client or even a Web Server ? 8.10 has all of these options, and its important to understand what might be occurring.

On the Enterprise Server - you need to first check to make sure the database is accessible. What database choice are you using - I'm assuming SQL Server ? Can you log into the database as JDE and select records from a table ?

If so, then next to check is the JDE Enterprise Services. After stopping all services, delete the logs in the \JDE\log directory, and then start the JDE Network and check the logs. If that works, start the JDE Queue. Your JDE.LOG files will provide some inkling of what is not working.

If its not obvious, then try logging into the deployment server. Again, the C:\JDE.LOG should provide information.

You might just be missing ODBC configuration - check to make sure that under your ODBC that all the datasources are there. A little troubleshooting shouldn't really be difficult to get this issue resolved.