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We are running EDI in US and EU. US user profiles has MDY date format with "/" separator. The EDI output file generates dates as MM/DD/YY and our translator is set to handle this format. EU user profiles have DMY format with "-" separator. The EDI output file generates dates as DD-MM-YY. Unfortunately this is throwing an error in our translator. Is there anyway to override the user's date format at a report level?

(I assume I could override the date format using a business function on each date and write the field to a string variable. This would be significant effort updating all the UBEs, finding new string fields, and changing the translator maps to look at the new fields.)

Thanks in advance!
Not sure what tools release you are on but all users have the ability to override a users date format for display. So get specific users running the UBEs you want on a scheduler or API call

I'm on 9.0 using and top right click down arrow by your name
Goto My System Options, then User Profile Revisions and fill in the Date Format you want.

Default is system date and if you've US then I bet it's their US default as they like to be awkward lol ;)

You can call B0500720 to get the system format mask then use B0001390 to get the users format mask.
They should both be MDE I'd say
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