Need to figure out User Date Format from Login ID


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I have searched the forums and haven't found a solution to this.

I have a table that has dates stored as strings. They would have been created based on the users date profile. So while I can use B0500720 to get the system format mask then use B0001390 to get the users format mask in a process run by a user, I haven't been able to find a function or API that would let me pass in a USER ID and it tell me what that users date format is.

I am trying to write a conversion that will take the date in the users format and change it to a JDEDATE. The table has various formats. MM/DD/YY, MM/DD/YYY, YYYY/MM/DD, and YY/MM/DD and also some variations on seperator as well.

Any Ideas?

This is in 9.1 AS/400 but I don't think the solution should be that hard. Seems like someone would have had this kind of requirement before.
F00921.ULFRMT mate

It uses UDC 00 DF and is entered in User Profile Revisions (JD Edwards Solution Explorer - User Options - User Profile Revisions)

B9500928 (GetUserPreferenceInfoByUserID) , pass in the USER ID and it comes back with szDateFromat and a few other things too, time zone etc

I don't think you can trust B0001390 as for me it brings back AOR, and I'm not I'm DMY
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There is BSFN available to get the USER Date Format - B9500928.

You will get additional information for that USER ID.