E9.2 Need to convert a date between a data request and form request


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I'll start off by stating that I'm very new to Orchestrations. I have a software development background, but am still getting used to the way orchestrations are "programmed". I am very experienced in Java, but have only used Groovy a handful of times.

I have an orchestration with the following components:

1 - A data request that selects and filters data. This will produce a collection of data objects which will be used downstream.
2 - A custom request that converts a date from one format to another. This is set up to loop over the data output from the data request. This written in Groovy and it works as I have tested it.
3 - A form request that needs to loop over the data output from the data request, including the converted date and invoke a JDE program with it.

I need to do the date conversion because the date format of the data request is in YYYYMMDD format, while the JDE program in the form request requires it to be in MM/DD/YYYY format. As I said, I wrote and tested the Groovy code and it appears to work as expected.

I'm apparently not hooking the components together correctly. At this point, I do not have everything "wired up" yet, but am just trying to get the date conversion part to work.

Is it possible to convert the date in the data request before it's output? Alternatively, is it possible to convert the date in the form request before it gets set to the application form field?

I can try to include orchestration output if that would be helpful. If there are any questions about information I have not provided, please let me know and I'll try to add it.