E9.2 Groovy script works in one PD environment and throws exception in other PD environment for same code



We have same orchestration running in 2 different PD servers. One of the groovy script (which has same code) fails in one PD environment whereas it works fine in other PD environment.

A value from Data request is being sent as input to Groovy script. Step trace does not provide the details like if the value is passed to groovy script or not. It just tells the last completed step(data request) and the exception response(Groovy script).

Kindly let me know the possibilities to debug the same.

What is the exception being thrown? and if you are comfortable, what is the groovy script that fails on one server?
In the custom request you can add debug statements to your groovy script to narrow down the issue using the orchAttr.writeDebug("message goes here"). You will need debug turned on to capture the messages in the log.

It is really hard to add anything more without knowing what the error is, and what the script is trying to do.
When you environments, do you mean 2 seperate instances of E1 entirely or the same envionment just 2 PD servers for balance loads etc?

It sounds like specs may have only been deployed to 1 of the ther servers and not the other. That's what it usually is when it works on one server but not the other. I don't mean your ORCH specs now, I mean the objects the ORCH references.