E9.2 Data Values required with dot(.) and comma(,) separator in BI output

Amandeep Anand

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I am currently working with the German client and we are upgrading the ERP to EnterpriseOne JDE 9.2

I am facing the issue to convert all the amount fields in a specified format in Excel output which is a BI output. Our client expectation is that the amount should automatically get reflected with the dot(.) and comma(,) separator within the BI output. They don't have to convert it manually in Excel.

As per my knowledge, specified format depends on user profile and its decimal Format Character in JDE. The amount fields are not getting converted automatically in European format i.e. dot(.) and comma(,) separator. Following are the example for your reference.

Case# 1: If amount is 45212.65 EUR and Decimal format is defined as comma “,” then amount will be display as 45.212,65

Case# 2: If amount is 45212.65 EUR and Decimal format is defined as Dot “.”, then amount will display as 45,212.65

Kindly share your inputs/thoughts to resolve this issue through standard set-up.

Amandeep Singh Anand

KSN Reddy

I've similar issue with the data driven amount field, is there any solution to convert amount field with commas on the email body of the as data driver field.