E9.2 Orchestrator calling of BSFN


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I wanted to understand that when an Orchestrator calls a BSFN (which is now a feature with or for that matter when the API calls hits the AIS Server, how the AIS server determines where to run the BSFN? The AIS server's rest.ini file does not have any information about the System - 920 datasource and also it does not know which Logic Server or Enterprise Server to hit to get the Call Object Kernel (COK). So how does it get that information? In that context it is different from BSSV, as BSSV server does know where my System DataSource is but that information is not there in the rest.ini of the AIS.

My understanding is that the AIS JVM uses the HTML JVS which is entered in the JAS information section to get the System DataSource information and subsequently the COK on where to run the BSFN? Is that a correct understanding?

Does that also mean that any inbound orchestrator call uses the HTML JAS (which is hooked with that AIS) to route the calls to Enterprise Server?

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All the calls from orchestrator goes to specific HTML server via AIS . In case of BSFN it would goes to a specific html server data source.


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BSFN calls made from Orchestrator (AIS) still go via a JAS session (smaller lighter session compared to a regular interactive user) which would then send the request to the logic server based on the OCM defined for the environment where the session is running.