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  1. Soumen

    E9.2 Orchestrator calling of BSFN

    Dears, I wanted to understand that when an Orchestrator calls a BSFN (which is now a feature with or for that matter when the API calls hits the AIS Server, how the AIS server determines where to run the BSFN? The AIS server's rest.ini file does not have any information about the...
  2. M

    AIS Form P42101 Inserting Rows

    Hello! Recently in my company we've gone from using just normal REST with AIS to using the AIS Client libraries that Oracle supplies. So far everything is going well, except (of course) on the P42101_W42101D form. I can add a new sales order in, but I can't seem to be able to add the sales...
  3. M

    AIS Form P42101 Submitting with Warnings

    Hello! I'm having an issue where I'm trying to submit an order with the P42101 form through AIS when warnings are present. When I submit a normal order with no warnings, I'm not having an issue, my JSON goes through fine, and I get an order number and my order is saved to the database. When I...
  4. W

    AIS ITEM Master Creation

    Good Afternoon, I am new to the group and new to JDE and AIS. I am working on a project where I am building an integration between Thingworx and E1. We are currently on 9.1 and I am having a difficult time with the json package. I get my token and have all my forms and control ID's but cannot...
  5. R

    How to exactly use restAPI in nodejs environment with JDE/AIS?

    We are developing a portal which takes a file uploaded by a partner and passes the data to JDE. Before we can pass this data to JDE I wanna understand how exactly to make an API call to JDE using nodejs. for starters, I have an simple API call as seen below. Am I on the right track? I want to...
  6. jdecoder

    Consuming AIS Internally in JDE Applications

    Hi All, I have a use case where a user goes into Multiple Forms and applications Multiple times to do the exact same thing. I want to create a JDE Custom application to consume a AIS Orchestration internally. Eg: 1. Create an employee master application for an new hire. (Applications 1 - 3...
  7. jdecoder

    Best practices/tools/technologies to expose AIS server from outside the network ?

    Hi, Best practices/tools/technologies to expose AIS server from outside the network for 3rd party integration. Esp when JDE is on OMCS/OCI ? JDE AIS Servers on OCI/OMCS is not accessible outside Oracle/Company Network. AIS - 'Application Integration Server' is used for integration via REST APIs...
  8. S

    How to create/Generate WADL file from JDE AIS services?

    Hi, I'm working in a inbound to JDE integration where we are using JDE AIS integration technique. We want to do Purchase Receipt (P4312) using AIS. we used AppStack to acheive it. we tested the service using POSTMAN Request & Response and shared our JSON files to middleware team (SOA) but, they...
  9. R

    AIS Client Class Generator : JDE Rest Service Call Failed : Status 404 Not Found

    I am trying to use the AIS Client Class Generator for Generating the AIS Classes. But I am receiving the error "404 Not Found". The AIS Link is working and returning the Data through Soap UI successfully. Using Below Versions: JDE 9.1 JDeveloper AISCGE 12c_v1.5.4 Kindly Help Me...
  10. K

    Pros and Cons in installing AIS Server on either WebLogic or WebSphere

    Hi all, i was wondering if anyone here can shed some light on the pro's and con's of installing AIS on WebLogic Server or on WebSphere Application Server. we are currently looking at its features on our current TR ( i've looked into it initially and reached out to oracle and their...
  11. E

    SOAP/REST (AIS) Web Services Integration to JD Edwards

    Hi Guys, Good Day. Just a discussion on SOAP/REST (AIS) Web Services Integration to JD Edwards. If there were a case where by a company wants to integrate a 3rd party software that creates PO and sends to JD Edwards. Is this achievable by using a single log on user id to access the web...
  12. T

    How to get E1 9.2 Development Environment

    Hi, I work as independent consultant and was looking to get a development environment for 9.2 including AIS. I certainly don't have a E1 license and wondering what are my best bets here. If any of you have bought/installed E1 9.2 with AIS, Please share your experience. Any help is greatly...
  13. E

    Developing with MAF or ADF

    Hi Guys I am assigned to design and build an application for JDE. I have the AIS installed but i am confused as to which platforms should i build on as there are little to know about the MAF & ADF. I am trying to build an entry screen which writes to a customised table. Do share with me your...
  14. E

    AIS Client Class Generator Return Error P4312_W4312A

    Hi Guys, I am currently doing mobile development in JDE through MAF. While I was generating the java classes using the AIS Client Class Generator for P4312_W4312A, it return an error message The following is the error message return from the JSON Response from server : "errors" : [ {...
  15. E

    AIS Class Generator

    Hi Guys, Recently had the AIS configured and wanted to start some ADF development. However while I was on the step to generate the ais class generator, I hit the following issue "401 Verify WLS Server Basic Authorization Header configuration in domain config.xml...
  16. P

    Anyone has experienced MAF?

    Hi Is there anyone who has experienced MAF and developed some mobile app for JD Edwards? Regards, Parag