E9.2 Orchestrations which Update Radio Buttons


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I was wondering if anyone had any tips for working with radio buttons in a form request/orchestration.

I'm working on an orchestration to update the Item Master using P4101. On the Item Revisions Form, Additional Info Tab, it has 3 radio controls for the 3 ABC Codes (Sales, Margin, Investment). I think I need to design a solution this way:

13 form requests
- 1 to update the fields that aren't the ABC codes
- 1 for for each radio button to "click" it.
- execute the form request to update the non-ABC code field
- for each ABC Code
-- Use rules to evaluate the ABC Code value and then execute the appropriate form request to click the radio button

I'm not sure I really like this method, as it does multiple updates to the item master instead of one.
I almost think it might be easer to write a custom form that updates the 3 ABC Code values without radio buttons and then orchestrate with that.

If anyone has any other alternatives, or tips on working with the radio buttons in orchestrator, I'd love to hear them.



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I can't remember how P4101 updates the F4101 data... but if it is by BSFN could you bypass the form request altogether and use a custom request to invoke the BSFN(s)