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So when we do a STRNET, the JDEB7332 subsystem kicks up and all the JDENET* jobs run under the ONEWORLD profile.

Can I control the profile used here? If I change the password, then where do I need to change it to make sure this still kicks up?

I searched JDE.INIs and such to no avail.

AS400 V4R4, B733.2, SP11.3, NT-SQL7 for CO
Based on B7322, as far as I know only the JDE userprofile is used for the
ODBC connectivity. The ONEWORLD profile is simply for managing the oneworld
services/middleware. So changing the OneWorld password profile should have
no impact. The JDENET* jobs are probabbly starting as a result of subsystem
autostart/prestart jobs with a given JOB DESCRIPTION which in turn has an
associated user profile, in this case ONEWORLD (but no password is kept in
the JOBD).

In OneWorld you can check further with User Security P98OWSEC there should
be no System User called ONEWORLD against any of the users - if it is then
you'll need to change the system password to match the AS/400 otherwise it
will stop those users.

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Changing the ONEWORLD password should have no affect on JDENET. We've changed it before (only on the AS400) and have not had any problems. Here it is only used for manually managing the servers from the OneWorld menus.

You might be able to start the services (JDENET) under another user profile, but I'm not sure what this will do for you. All of the JDENET services are spawned from the one, so I don't think you'll be able to affect those.


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