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Oneworld : Begnning balance



Need advice on uploading beginning balance. We plan to just enter beginning
balance for balance sheet account and do the year-end close. Has anybody
experiences any problem from not uploading beginning balance for revenue and
expenses account. I don't see any problem except for job cost when there is
over year project. Open to any advice !


Mike Dupaix

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You will not have any problems loading only the balance sheet year end balances. However, you will need to maintain both systems for a few years or until accounting/management no longer needs data from the legacy system. Most companies need at least two years accounting history (Revenues, expenses, assets, liabilities, equity) to maintain proforma budget and P&L reports.

This may also require several financial report rewrites as you create reports to initially link the two databases accounting information together and the rely wholly on the data in JDE.

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We loaded Dec YTD balances for the pervious year via a journal entry., and ran
the annual closed. This was easy and worked great.

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Sounds OK to me. Make sure you have the revenue and expense accounts in
account master. I assume you mean you would enter your accounts for ongoing
jobs in job cost (those not closed at year end), so the accounts balance. We
started with ending balances for a year prior to implementation, and entered
summary journal entries for each month up to implementation date, so we
would have monthly balances for a year of history on One World.

Dave Mallory Denver Water