E9.2 Stateless Load Balancing


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Dear All,

Anyone successfully using the 'stateless load balancing' functionality or indeed any form of load balancing with your AIS/Orchestration environments? Be interested to know your high level setup as we're having a few issues with getting this working. There is a call open with Oracle but not close to an answer yet.

Be interested to know what components you have load balanced (front end html; AIS; AIS related html). We have tried a few different combinations but with the same result. As requested by Oracle, we created a test application with a form extension and it works fine without any load balancing but fails when using a load balanced AIS. We have tried a simpler orchestration which simply enters data into a table and this also follows the same pattern.

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Sanjeev TR
Incase anyone is interested in this - we finally reached a conclusion and it is an Oracle bug which will be fixed in a future tools release.

bug:E1: ORCH: Orchestration With Spaces in the Name Fails From B98ORCH With Error - AIS Login Failure - When Using AIS LoadBalancer (Doc ID 2928145.1)