Maximum memory limit for HTML java instances for web server


Hi all,

Long time lurker, been in JDE consulting for almost 14 years now!

Currently I have a bit of situation,

my customer is having performance issues on month end closings, there are very suspicious areas for it :least to say hardware is old and version. patch updates are not very good condition.

that being said we would like to consider increasing memory allocated to web server since in last incidents we clearly saw memory issues for web server.

JDE version 9.0, tool release

currently the web server runs with:
- Win2008 R2 (64 bit)
- Oracle Jrockit Java 28.2.5 (1.6.0_37 64 bit)
- WebLogic 10.3.6 (11g R1)

and we have 8 gb memory for this server of which 4 is allocated to web logic.

The thing is even if we want to increase it, we have conflicting views on increasing it for more than 4 GB , as CNC doesn't think it is good and alternative will be opening a second instance and use log on balance or smt .
But i have concerns over doing it with second instance and logon balancer since we have only 2 weeks to year end closing and i don't want to change too many things.
what is your take on this? does anyone know about max cap for memory limits for the HTML java instances
As you mentioned, the versions are very old and adding more memory to the JVM is unlikely to yield much benefit. GC is going to be the main problem with more memory. You'll get a lot more benefit adding a second WebLogic instance and throwing in a LB.
one way to make this less complicated would be to forget the load balancer for now. Create the second jvm and give only your financial users the url to the new jvm. Once you get them through year end, put a load balancer in place.
Is there any danger of something going wrong while the load balancer is not in place?
It is less risky than what you have now, except that if you lose either one, you can give the users the other URL.