E9.2 Non-APPL dependent queries and watchlists?

Felipe Vidal

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Hello Team,

I'm trying to understand a little bit better the capabilities of the UDOs Queries and Watchlists.

I see that a query would be -in essence- an application-based filtered fetch. From a couple videos and guides, I see that they always create a query using an application (I guess it depends on the application's View), e.g., the Address Book, which means the query will always use the information contained in such application. What I wanted to know is if there is a way to develop a more advanced query.

Is there an application from which I can access all queries from all applications? Kind of a "Query Master" or "Watchlist Master" thing?

Probably I'm completely misunderstanding the intention of a query: I'm thinking they can substitute certainly more complex SQLs (PIVOT, CONNECT BY, LISTAGG)...


Queries are based on an underlying application, so having one application to access all queries does not make sense.
Now since queries are UDO's, you can view a list of them in the P98220U application, but any query will always be run from the query's underlying application.