E9.2 UDO Queries have a blank VERS in F9860W F952340 and Watchlists in F952420 (after each promotion)



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Hi all

I developed some QUERY and WATCHLISTS in 9.2 over APPLs that I had not yet made a PO and created a APPLVERS over.
The issue is, now that I have created a PO DSTR and APPLVERS you can't see the queries in the APPL for a given version.

So to fix this I updated F9860W, F952430 and F982320 to update these records with the corresponding VERS. This works fine. but........

Everytime I do a promotion the VERS gets wipe to blank in each table.
So where is the original source of this. As it must be getting it from somewhere




There was a space at tne end of F952430.AQVERS
so 'ZJDE0001 '

Thsi was probabkly forcing a mismatch somewhere and E1 was then clearing it
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these threads are my favorite! Glad to hear it was a reason reason :D
It's a good lesson for me to learn anyway. In future I'll add any old field to the DSTR and make a PO and APPLVER just to be safe, THEN make any queries :)