New Environment B7332


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Hi List,

I think we have talked about this fairly recently. I am looking for detailed
procedure to create a completely new Environment including, new path code,
control tables and business data. We are on B7332/SP11.3/NT/SQL database.
Three Enterprise/Apps servers, a depoloyment, and Citrix for thin clients.

We are going through a Chart of Accounts conversion, and this new environment
will become our new Prod environment. Therefore, this must be fully
upgradeable. If someone can point me to the right documentation or has any
advise it would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Dave Laha
CNC Administration
OW B7332 SP 11.3
1 Enterprise, 2 Apps Servers (NT)
SQL 7.0 Database
NT 4.0 Deployment Server
Fat Clients in Win 95/98/2000, Thin in Citrix Metaframe