TR from to 9.2.3.x. - 32-bit

Michael L.

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Hello List.

Our BP is planning our TR from to 9.2.3.x. Currently we are;

Application Release: 9.2
Tools Release:
Application (Enterprise) Servers - 2012 standard x64 (64-bit)
Web Servers - 2012 standard R2 Datacenter x64 (64-bit)
Database servers - 2012 standard R2 Datacenter x64 (64-bit) / SQL server 2014
WebLogic Server Administration Console 12c (

We’ve been informed below will take 278 hours to apply the tools release to;

1 deployment server
1 server manager server
1 DV enterprise server, 1 DV web server
2 PY enterprise servers, 1 PY web server
5 Production enterprise servers, 4 PD web servers
2 BSSV servers
2 OVR/BI DAD servers
16 fat clients

As well, we have been informed it’s mandatory we provision new VM’s for every server that has WLS installed as the required WLS upgrade from to WLS can’t be done ‘in place’ and with multi foundation we’ll require a code freeze to production until 9.2.3.x is applied in Production.

Might someone who’s done this upgrade be able to comment? Somewhat concerned about having to provision 11 new servers for the WLS upgrade and more importantly a 278 hour code freeze to Production.

Thanks in advance for any assistance,

I would think based on the fact your currently on Windows 2012, the new server provisioning may also be due to getting you on the latest version of Windows as well, which would explain a lot of the time / new server requirement as well. In place with no application upgrade is pretty straight forward. Though not sure why would you have to freeze code if you're not doing an application upgrade.
Maybe the code freeze because of the ESUs needed for 64 bit safe BSFNs?
TFZ, Craig, thank you for responding.

As an FYI, were implementing 32-bit, not 64 and we will not be upgrading any software other than our version of WLS since our current version doesn’t meet the MTR. It’s been many years since I’ve done a TR upgrade but the 278 hours seemed a bit long and the 7 week code freeze caught us off guard not to mention having to provision 11 new VMS solely for the WLS software upgrade as opposed to doing it in place.

Thanks again for responding.
Even if you're staying 32 bit, there is a large set of ESUs required before going to 9.2.3 that make it possible for you to even consider going 64 bit in the future, and 9.2.3 flat out requires them as a pre-requisite as the tools foundation, even in 32 bit, probably had changes that require some BSFN changes.