New Environment Creation


Hi List,
I have a requirement to create a new environment mirroring our current production environment.

We are on 9.1 TR9205

I found the doc-

Oracle Support Document 2216807.2 (E1: ENV: How to Create a Custom Environment Using the Environment Director (P989400) or the Installation Plan or Add a Standard Environment Using Deployment and Enterprise Server Installers) can be found at:

I have the below questions-

1. I am assuming I can accomplice this using the Environment Director and for my JDE system, it should the standard way? or is there any other better way for this?

2. Also, when running the director shall I copy the environment from our existing PD env or create a new one altogether?

3. Our enterprise server is on AS400, we have 2 servers one for production and one for non production, we are planning to use the non-production server for the new environment because that's where we have enough space. Now, will the environment director create a new foundation/port number on the server to run the new environment's services or will it be part of our existing services on the server? Currently in our no production server we have 2 different instances running with different foundation, one for DV and one for PY. So will the env. director create a separate service for the new env, or will it make it part of one of our existing foundation?

Any notes will be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance


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