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Hi folks,

I've had this little utlity in the toolbox for a while and wanted to make it public. I'm hoping you can help me test it out before I finalize it.

It's a simple dialog based app with 2 sections, source and destination. Find the BSFN object and function you want to copy in the source section. Fill in the Object, description and function details in the destination. Select the DLL and optionally the project to have the object appear in.

Only for post XE releases.
The source object is what is in the local path code of the dev client.

if interested, let me know how it goes



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It works fine :)
I'm on a test TR too

It's been added to the OMW project I chose and compiles fine too :)

It needs all the values filled in before it enables the Copy Function button, but it works :)

Does it update the OMW tables in the background to show it's been copied and added to a project etc?

Can this do C++ too??
It looks like it worked fine for me too, the issue I have is copied new NER object token is with some other project and when I tried to it find the project name having the token there's no other project having the token object is present only in one project and now I cant do a check-out /check-in or delete the object. Not sure how to get the token now.
My bad I gave the project name in wrong case , everything looks great and works fine..thanks..
Ignore all my previous messages Looks like I found a small bug (Not sure If you call it one ), related to project name we can choose from NERCopy tool , it is being converted into upper case and this is causing the token issue. Please find the attachment.


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Thanks a lot. I'll tweak that. Also, I'm adding the ability to create a new data structure. Thanks to JMR for the suggestion.

Appreciate all the input,
Thanks for the input, here is an update. Fixes the upper case project issue and now provides the option to create a new data structure based on the source DS. All references to the old DS are updated in the new function.

As always, thanks for the feedback.


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Can't we copy more than one internal function by using this tool?
Yes, but not all at once. Select an internal function, one at a time, and copy it to your new BSFN object. The point is, you have to rename each function you are copying. Just reference the same new BSFN object and they will appear within that same object.

Thanks a lot Craig. I have tested and it is doing the functionality perfectly good.

Thanks a lot craig_welton!!! this solution works fine in
You are the best!!

Thanks a ton Craig. We used to open the xml and modify it. Any place where you'd miss it, would be a corrupt file. This works seamless.

It always amazes me, how do you connect to E1 from outside.

I have been using NERDup sucessfully for months on my Windows 10 E1 9.0 PC. (great tool by the way!).

Yesterday I installed the Windows 10 Creator Update and now when I try and run NERDup I get the error "The procedure entry point ?getNFDInstance@Normalizer2Factory@icu@@SAPVBNormalizer2@AAW4UErrorCode@@@Z could not be located in the dynamic link library C:\E900\system\bin32\icui18n.dll".

Has anyone else had the same problem? Is there a fix?

Hell Craig,
The tool is so awesome. I have just tested it and it is working perfectly good.

You are too genius. I am great fan of you.
Hi Craig,

Not sure what's going on but I've this before and on FAt client it seems to work ok but on the other it says its missing file mfc140u.dll....................Odd thing is this file isn't even on the other FAT client?? :)
Hi John,

Did you install the Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 C++ Redestributal Package?

Yes, it was built with Visual Studio 2015 so that is required. There is a link on the download page, under requirements.

Hi Craig,

I've just installed the latest version of the Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 C++ Redistributable Package and I'm getting the same error as John - missing file mfc140u.dll. I'm running NERDup on Windows 10 Enterprise Version 1709 OS Build 16299.64.