NER Copy

Hi Craig

Am I right in thinking NERDup wont' work on a 64bit FAT 9.2 client?

Could really need this right now lol
I want your babies!!! I've just copied and build a NER happily enough but it can't seem seem to find C++, but I think it never did right? (hence the name NERDup) We'd just copy the C++ file and make a new one that way.

Thank you so much for doing this for the community. Absolute top man!!
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Thanks John, I appreciate your time. The actual source files should be created when you build the object.

Sorry, I meant Bnnnnn and Xnnnn style C++ BSFNs. I was havig a brain fart. Yes all working brilliantly and you've saved me months here. thanks again

I finally got a minute to get the 64bit NERDup tool going. I haven't had a ton of time to test, so if you like, please try it at:


Hi Craig.
Thanks so much for all your wonderful tools - you take so much of the time and heartache out of JDE development.
I can't see the 64 bit version in the downloads page though. Did you remove it?
Kind regards