Multiple SOrders Store & Forward Upoad


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Did anybody try to Batch Process SOrders using the Batch Receiver Z-tables F4001Z & F4011Z populated with orders that have been entered in a non-JDEdwards system?
I am trying, first of all, to batch process One SO entered with P4004Z Store&Forward Orders.
I run the R40211Z, it says " ... Line Contains errors ... " - there is a Y for the Order I'm trying to Batch process. When I go back to P4004Z, start with SF Header, I get the "Invalid record" error; it seems that data I entered (such as Branch/Plant, Req&Sched dates, ...) have not been saved!
I am connected to DEV, that is why I did not download the Master Tables; am I wrong? Is it mandatory to go through all those ... interesting Store & Forward administrative tasks (the Access db update and deployment ...)?
Did you find an easier way?
Any suggestions are welcome.
Adrian Chimirel

B732.1 SP12.2, Oracle 805 on RS/6000, Citrix, Win95&NT


you will have to populate F0041Z1 as well. It is sort of a control table for
the S/F process. When you use UBE R40211Z you actually look at F0041Z1, then
related F4001Z and F4011Z records.
I can give you more details (example of mapping) - please mail me at
[email protected]