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Multiple identical items and labeling at shipping time...


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We have quite a few instances where we have multiple items (call them A, B, and C) that are all actually the same except for labeling. Some customers order A, others order B, and others order C. We'd like to have a way to stock all of them as D and simply pull a D and label it appropriately when A, B, or C is ordered. Does anyone else have this situation, and if so, how are you handling it?


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If you have the manufacturing module, you might look at using work orders. If you create a finished good for each A,B,C with components of the D and unique label, you could go a couple ways. If you want to forecast and stock A,B,C you would simply create work orders for the quantity you want to stock and have them available for sales order picking. If you would prefer to label as they order, you can create the A,B,C items as W line types in Item Master which will generate a work order for the order quantity when an order is placed. The sales order waits for the work order to be completed before shipping. The biggest question is what fits best in your processes.



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Replacement items (Item cross-ref type 'R' ) functionality might be the answer.