Mods to R43500 - results different on fat vs thin client


We run 9.0 on an AS400 - develop on remote fat clients - then promote via package to PY and eventually PD.

I've added some customization to R43500 (we've done this before with no problem). The changes are fairly minor - straight code - no BSFNs or NERs. Just need to:
1. retrieve and save F4101 data into report variables on the main section
2. move the report variable to RVs to print it on a line number level break
3. based on one of the F4101 variables, call a custom section for 4 additional fields to be printed within that custom section.

This works perfectly on the fat client but does not work when promoted to our Websphere thin clients. As I said, no NERs or BSFN that might be web or local only, just the basic select and fetch activity.

At first, I was saving the F4101 data in RVs but was advised to change those to VAs because the level break might have an adverse impact on the RVs.

I am open to any suggestions or thoughts - any tiny clues at all!

Thank you in advance!


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Is this in a production environment? Or a non-production environment?

What do you mean by "does not work when promoted to our Websphere thin clients"? What is or is not happening when you try and run the R43500 from the web client?

I take it that when you say "when promoted to our Websphere thin clients" you actually mean it was deployed to you enterprise server.