N/A Appl column headings on web client


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I have a custom APPL. (It was created by another Developer who has left the company.) I changed the grid column heading in FDA by overriding the column headings in the grid column properties. The changes were made in DV and promoted to PY.

The change does not show up in the PY web client. An update package was built and deployed. The web server was restarted so the cache should have been clear.

The local PY FAT client does show the column heading change.

There is no vocab overrides, no custom grid formats and no ER code for column heading.

Does anyone have any suggestions the cause or the solution?

The change doesn't show up in the DV web client either. DV and PY web clients are on the same server.
Issue resolved
The update package was built with default language and French. The full package was with default language. Another update package was built with default language only. That fixed the issue.