E9.2 Modifying an Existing Orchestration Issue


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We create an Orchestration with a Service Request call to a business function. We test and check it in. The Default project has the token. We create a new project A and move the components to the new project A and it now has the token. We promote it up to TS for Testing. We determine that changes need to be made to the Orchestrations components so we move the project A back to status 21. We Check Out/Reserve the objects through OMW – Web. We log into Orchestrator Studio (DV) to make the changes we need to make. We are unable to save the changes as it tells us we do not have the token:
What are we missing or doing incorrectly that we are unable to save the changes? It appears as if it is trying to save the changes to the Default project instead of the project A that has the token. What works is we release the token from the project A. Then we can reserve the component in Orchestrator Studio and make the change and save it. Request it to be published. Then go into UDO Admin and approve. Then we check out the component in the Project A and then Check In/Approve/Share from OMW – Web. Then we are able to promote the change to TS.
Hi there.. When you work with orchestrations/UDO:s, it looks at P98220U /F9861W to try to figure out which OMW project it belongs to.
P98220U/F9861W always shows the OMW project under which the object was last checked in, even if you later moved the UDO to another project.
So never check in UDOs under the default project but always make sure to move the objects to the actual OMW project before checking them in. If you already checked the UDO in under default project, move the object to the real project and then do a checkout and check-in under the project. This will update P98220U/F9861W so it has the correct OMW project

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The process you stated does do what you state and we did see that. But the issue is once we promote the project to TS920 to test and need to make modifications. We demote back to 21 and check out/Reserve the object from within OMW - Web. We then make the change and try to save and it will not let us stating that we do not have the token. I have attached a document in which I tried to document what we do and the result. Hopefully this will clear things up on our issue.


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