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We are on World A7.3 cume 000FC. I ran the menu word search rebuild but
still get menu's with an A prefix. All of our menus have a G prefix. Isn't
the A prefix from an earlier release level of JDE and can these references
to these menus be cleaned out of the Menu work search? And also if they can
be cleaned out, are there any issues that need to be looked at as far as the
possibility of some of these menus with the preceding A still being used.
How would I find that out? I looked in the F0082 menu master file and saw
no menus with preceding A. I just want the word search to bring up only
menus that exist on the system.


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MMMmmm... sounds odd. You could try clearing the various files that makeup the word search. I believe they all start with F009*, such as F009690 but I'm not sure all files that are touched. Did you check to see if there was any SARs on J980090 or X98WRD? Sounds like the files are not getting cleared before these are run. We've been running for years (currently cume 11) with no problem.

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If your upgrade done correctly, no menus with preceding A are used. To get
a clean menu word search (without the A menus), please do the following:
- Ask a programmer to delete all the A* menus from all menu files (F0082,
F00821, F0083 and F0084)
- Ensure no database for F0090, F0090D, [email protected] in your common and data
- run menu word search rebuild

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doddsf <[email protected]> on 06/05/2001 08:41:15 AM


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To check menu usage, check file F0082H (Menu History). There is an online inquiry (I believe from G94) and also a DreamWriter report, which would let you select menus beginning with "A" to see if there has actually been anyone accessing these menus.

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The menu rebuild program is over the menu detail file F00821, not the menu
header file F0082. It sounds like you have detail entries without any menu
headers. I am not sure about this, but I think that if a user puts a 4 in the
option field next to a selection referencing the "A menu" or did a fast path to
it the system would execute the option. If you are confident that they are
obsolete menus I would recommend removing the F00821 and F0083 records.