E9.0 Fast Path and Favoriting


Currently in the midst of a security overhaul of all users in our organization and am being bombarded with app location questions as their access to Fast Path is going to be taken away. I do not know where a lot of these applications reside within the menus and know the only way they can currently favorite them is by going to them by way of the dropdowns. is there anyway to turn on favoriting from Fast Path from an admin standpoint?
It would appear that fastpath just opens the application directly, it does not trot off to the menu, pick the task and use it. Favourites are actual pointers to a menu generated on the fly and linked to peoples' profiles.

I would recommend looking at this knowledge article, it will help enormously copying favourites from one person to another: (Doc ID 2137548.1) "How to Transfer Favorites From One User to Another"

Quite a while ago I did some footwork to gather my menus into Excel. It helped enormously, we have a menu that has "grown organically" - basically a euphamism for a bit of a mess. The investment in time was well worth it. As a result, I can apply a filter to my Excel file and determine all the available navigation paths to that application. Contact me for details. You will need SQL read access to F9000 and F9001 from memory.

Removing fastpath is really only of use if you have open security. Otherwise, it is of limited value, only acting as a backstop if you get the settings wrong.
very interesting. thank you for the information. I am pretty new to E1, I'm a developer by trade and started with a company a year ago that uses E1. i am providing E1 support but in this security overhaul that is happening I wasn't sure if there was documentation readily available or some kind of menu map that allowed for easier finding of applications needed by people who are so used to fast path they may have never even used the drop down menus.
OK, then a couple of things to know as a developer right off the bat.
Menu items and their relationships are in F9000 and F9001 respectively. In our environment these are found in the control tables.

The top view of the tree are (YMMV)
Pick the views you are interested in from there. Favourites are TMTASKID = 98 in our system.

Native JDE tables are all described at https://jde.erpref.com/ but if you want proper insight including your user-defined table, you will need a copy of Interrogator.

Sadly there is no standard menu documentation that I am aware of. Native tasks on the Enterprise One menus out of the box generally refer to JDE versions of UBE's and APPL that are probably not used by users, so unlikely to be much use anyway, especially if your security exercise is locking users down to your own versions.

As a matter of curiosity, are you using plain JDE security tables modified via P00950 or are you using one of the bolt-on apps available?
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