Mass updates on Category Codes


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Hi Andy,

Can you provide details on which master data (i.e. Address Book, Business Units, G/L Accounts) you want to mass update?


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This was a general question from a client, so I'm not sure what tables she's interested in updating. But, I already told her about all the existing category code update programs I know about:

1. R01490 (Global Category Code Update) - this one may only work on the address book records; I am a bit leery since one version says "obsolete - do not use".

2. R01050 (Copy Category Codes to Customer Master) - helps keep the cat codes in the address book and customer master in sync. Most of my clients keep these cat codes in sync.

3. R03012A (Update Date Effective Category Codes) - in about E1 8.9 and later, there is a table for date-sensitive cat codes for the customer.

4. R41803 (Global Reporting Code Update) - this updates cat codes on the items.

5. R41804 (Item Master Global Update) - this will change a value in a specified item master cat code from "A" to "B" (set up in the processing options).

If you know of anything else, please let me know. Thanks!


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R09813 updates category codes on the F0901 account master. Allows you to flush changes from a model through to all business units.

R12108 update fixed asset category codes.

R03B802 This one copies the cat codes from the customer master down to the F03B11


One of the reports you mention R01050 is to copy AB cat codes to the Cust Master. Yet there is no data selection for AB records with updated date, only CM records updated date. So how do you set this up to run only against AB records that have changed that you want cat codes copied to CM?