Margin maintenance (%)


Hi List,

Is there anyone who tried to obtain a base price by adding a margin percentage to the cost? This feature implies using one of the costing methods 1,2, or 6 for an item and setting up a value for margin maintenance (%) in the Item Branch/Plant Additional Info record.
I made all these, but it didn’t work (i.e. when I tried to enter a SO a warning message appeared :” No base price in effect”). Any advice?
Thanks in advance for your help,
Hi Gabriel,

I have set this up at clients before. You can set this up pretty easily by using Advanced Pricing. Define a pricing rule that uses a multiplier for your margin percentage that is based on cost. In the pricing rule, you can define which cost method you want to use (i.e., weighed avg, standard, etc.). You would need to make this the first rule in all of your adjustment schedules and apply this schedule to all items and all customers in the hierarchy.

Hope this helps...

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Hello Mark,

Thanks for inputs.
Indeed is easily to cover this issue through Adv. Pricing. But, if my client doesn’t use at all this One World functionality (Adv. Pricing) I will be a “dead” man.
Anyway this issue was logged follow another idea: in Item/Branch plant you have the possibility to define a margin percentage. According with One World documentation the percentage is add at item cost and …finally you have a base price. But not for my!
Meantime I test again and … it’s OK.
Once again, thanks a lot.
I agree with you. You do not need adv pricing to set this up and as you well
pointed if you use Costing methods 1,2 or 6 it should work.
Also, and in fairness to Mark, what he explained to you can be done through
Base Pricing without Adv Pricing.