E9.2 JDE integrated with Unit Configurator?


Hi all,
Hoping someone has found a solution for the issue I'm dealing with. I'm a JDE newbie, so any help is appreciated.
My company sells P&A as well as complex units - these are often sold in a custom configuration and require some attention from our engineering team to put together. So no standard configuration exists which can be put as a part number in JDE.
Even though we handle pricing for P&A through advanced pricing in JDE, pricing for these units is actually handled via a complex spreadsheet that allows our sales reps to select options and provide pricing. This spreadsheet isn't linked to JDE at all, so when our costs and prices are updated in JDE, we must manually update the quoting spreadsheet and resend it to our reps. I'm sure you can see how this arrangement is tedious and error-prone. More importantly, increasing costs are cutting into our margins, and that's not reflected automatically in this quoting spreadsheet

I'm looking for a system that will do the following:
- Centralized updates
- Web accessible for our reps
- Can generate a pdf or similar document for the final quote
- Secure (i.e. pricing is tamper proof)
- Can communicate our part numbers with JDE to create BOMs and
- Automatically update cost/pricing based on changes in JDE

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.