logical expression


Hello Everyone,

Help needed please bear with me the extent of the message. I'm using a UBE to call another UBE by report interconnect. The data selection in the first UBE is passed in through a PO option template. I pass the the value through the Report Interconnect. But the value is then used as part of a data selection for the 2nd UBE.

I see the value when I debug the 1st UBE and the 2nd UBE, the Report Interconnect value is correct. ***(Problem)** My selection on the 2nd UBE is

Where BC_1 value is equal RI (Report Interconnect)
'OR' BC_2 value is equal RI (Report Interconnect)

When I'm debugging it's treating this statement as an 'AND' STATEMENT. I guess let me reverse the data selection to see if I would get the correct data selection.

I tried changing the 'OR' to an 'AND' and it obviously treated it like an 'AND' statement. If I hard code the value in it will work fine.

Please help.

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