E9.0 Write cache in Interactive APP and read the same cache in UBE


I'm building a custom Interactive Application where I'm creating and adding information to a cache.
At the end , I'm calling a UBE through the Interactive Application , passing the Cache Job Number via Report Interconnect.
What I need to know is if there is any way to fetch the cache created in Interactive Application during the UBE execution?!
I'm using the a custom BSFN , using JDE API's , to create , insert and fetch records from the cache.

Usually I use temporary tables , where I insert the data in Interactive Application with a UKID and then read that data in UBE , but the cache approach is so much cleaner , that I was wondering if this can be achieved.

Thank you in advance.

Paulo Duarte


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I don't see how this could work. When an application writes to cache, it's stored in the COK process. A UBE runs in its own process. I would think a temp/work table is the only solution.



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They are on different servers for a start, so that's very tricky.
I use work files all the time to be honest. Much easier to get your head around than cache lol. Just clear the records down when the UBE/APPL ends

Get a UKID each time just incase 2 people run it at the same time


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I also use work table along with bsfn to save/read the data. So one line call to bsfn is doing everything :)