Job Cost vs General Ledger


Hi all,

I am new to the forum. I do search around (Googling) and read around the forum regarding the topic mentioned. But I still can't get a satisfactory answer, so I decided to ask here. Wish someone can clear my doubt.

First of all, my company is working on construction project. We are about revamp a chart of account, especially for project.
May I know what is the exact advantage of implement job cost instead of general accounting?
As my concern here is the job cost will take cost type become object account while cost code become subsidiary account. When my finance dept user try to view the report, it seems weird as it group by object account/cost type (e.g. labour, material, equipment) instead of subsidiary account/cost code (e.g. building/site clearing/pavement).

If that is the case, may I set the work activities (e.g. building/site clearing/pavement) become cost type and the rest (e.g. labour, material, equipment) become cost code?
What is the impact on setting this?

Appreciated the answer. Thanks.