general ledger

  1. Rauf

    E8.1 Different supplier number in GL and AP

    For an history voucher, in AP module ( F0411), I see the address number is 123. But in the GL (F0911), it is 700. The address number is for same supplier. But as 123 is in F0411, how it can be 700 in GL. What might be the cause for this ? I check the parent address number of 123 in Address...
  2. E9.2 Best Practices After Server Down

    We recently experienced a sever malfunction which caused all our internal systems to stop working mid day , as the concerned parties are working on solutions and getting things up and running normally , I was wondering what would be the best practices and if you have any tips to share to have...
  3. Mike Mackinnon

    R31113Z1I - Updating Subledger to GL (F0911)

    I am using the EDI inbound process to process work order issues but am having a problem with writing the work order in the subledger field in the General Ledger (GLSBL). It seems to work fine for our 'normal' on-line work order issues but does not work when processing the Z-file records (from...
  4. back end JDE question regarding GL

    So when I do some work on the front end of JDE in the GL what occurs as a result in the back end? Regarding the tables for example.
  5. P0011 RB Batch - Changing G/L Date of Receipt

    Hi, We have an issue where an RB batch has been created but the G/L date of the receipt is in a closed period so the batch won't post. Is there a way i can change the G/L date to just use today's date so the batch will post into the current period? Thanks J
  6. Accounts Receivable

    We have huge collections every month. What is the best way to handle and store receipts which are received after due collection date Regards,
  7. Landed Cost

    HI, We are implementing Landed Cost Management in JDE 9.0 I have established AAI 4310 for Inventory Account and 4320 for Receipts not voucher I have established AAI 4385 and 4390 for other charges i.e. Port Dues, Clearance etc etc. Now the problem is Our Accounts department wants to hit...
  8. Job Cost vs General Ledger

    Hi all, I am new to the forum. I do search around (Googling) and read around the forum regarding the topic mentioned. But I still can't get a satisfactory answer, so I decided to ask here. Wish someone can clear my doubt. First of all, my company is working on construction project. We are...