DMAAI - One Document Type - Multiple Accounts


Is it possible to have a single Document Type (e.g. Inventory Adjustment - "IA") post to multiple Cost Objects?

For Example - we have DMAAI - 4122/Inventory - for Document Type "IA" post to Object Account "12511 - Finished Goods"

In addition to posting to 12511, the business would like another Object Account ("13225 - Prepaid Excise Tax") also updated by this "IA" posting - however I can't add in 4122/Inventory (same Document Type - error message presented).

Any suggestions on how to accomplish this?
The account on the DMAAI is defined by the following keys:

- Company
- Document Type
- G/L Category Code

I'm assuming you know which company to use.
You can use the GL Class Code to define how to book your G/L accordingly to the Item you select. The GL Class Code is defined on the Item Branch (or Item Master) and you can use the same code on the DMAAIs.

Each DMAAI defines one part of the transaction, the 4122 is most likely Debit. If you are trying to Debit two or more accounts for the same part at the same transaction, I don't know if you can accomplish that with the DMAAIs.
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Got it - thanks Olavo.

The puzzle that I have is that we desire a "third Object Account" to be involved with Inventory Issues that we perform.

For Inventory Issues (Inventory additions/removals using Applicatoin P4112), we currently have the following defined: a

- DMAAI #4122 (Inventory) - populated with Company / Document Type / G/L Category Code / Object Account. In this instance, the Object Account is "Finished Goods Inventory".
- DMAAI #4124 (Expense / COGS) - populated with Company / Document Type / G/L Category Code / Object Account. In this instance, the Object Account is "Obsolescence"

For the same Company / Document Type / G/L Category code, we desire a posting to yet ANOTHER Object Account ("Prepaid Excise Tax")
- I can't add another record in DMAAI 4122 or DMAAI 4124 (same Company / Document Type / G/L Category Code)

How can I get P4112 Inventory Adjustments to post to a third Object Account? I could create DMAAI "4123" - but how do I "tie it" to P4112? Does this question make sense?
Have you looked at using Detail Product Costing for Distribution? This would allow you to set up you distribution AAI's by cost component where needed, thus allowing you to define multiple accounts. It all depends on how you are accounting for your Prepaid Excise Tax as part of the Finished Goods Cost. See Oracle Support Doc ID 626012.1 for more details.