E9.2 Is there anyway to establish the IP address that is calling your orchestration?


We have a number of RFID scanners around the building that we can configure to call an Orchestration when it detects an ID has passed near by, that is great, the only issue is that the only information we we are receiving is the RFID tag ID that has been scanned, we have no way of identifying which scanner has called it.

Is there anyway to identify the IP address of the host that called the orchestration? I could then x-ref that to the individual scanner.

Otherwise I will have to write a slightly different Rest APi for each scanner to call so that I can identify which one has detected the RFID tag.
What about using a different user id for each scanner? That way you would not need to have multiple versions of your orchestration to maintain. UserId is available as an orchestration input.
In both Execute an Orch and Execute a BSFN you have jde-AIS-Auth-Device(optional): string
Maybe the scanners could populate this?

"description":"An identifier for the device making the service call. If not provided, the requesting IP address is used."

But we do what Kevin suggested with our warehouse scanners