Is there a Cheater-Way to Lock Fields on a Form?


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Just feeling the water; is there a cheater-way to lock the form fields, based on some criteria?

We have some custom forms with 'dozens' of fields that need to either be all-locked or all-open, based on a date/expiration type criteria. I'm just curious if there is a "Disable All" type function, that will allow me to disable all value on a form - then re-enable one or two.... If there is such functionality - Please Share =D

So far - I think I'm going to have to do the Manual hundred lines of IF/Disable 100 fields and the grid Else/Enable 100 Fields and the Grid....

Thoughts / Suggestions?

Hi, Dan.

I haven't tried this, but what about having different tabs, 1 with all fields open and another with all fields locked, and then hide the tab that you don't want based upon your date/expiration type criteria? Of course, instead of all the IF/Disables, you'd have extra field assignments! Just a thought!
Hi Dan,

I just coded this for you and sadly all it does it stop the user clicking the tab.
I added 2 controls and used set control focus to take me to my disabled tab, the 2 FC controls are both still enabled.

I wonder if there is an API to set the form mode to assist you. I'll have a nose for 10 minutes :)

Is there a way to set the mode of the form somehow? An API maybe
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How about using a subform to hold the data being entered? You could control that better than a tab page.

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Thanks for the suggestion / assists (both online and offline)....

I'm leaning the Subform route - for future endeavors. Might be the easiest...