Is it possible to read a table from C++ BSFN when the Table Name is entered into UDC?


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I have a request to modify X0909 (Validate Subledger). The Business Community here would like to add Subledger Types and Tablenames to the 00-ST UDC Table. The X0909 C++ BSFN would then be modified to accept the new Subledger Types in 00-ST and use the Number passed to X0909 so the number can be validated using the Tablename specified in Description field of the UDC 00-ST.

X0909 hardcodes each Subledger type and Table name in the C++ Code in order to validate a number passed to X0909. This is done using a Case Command based on the Subledger Type, then Open and read on that table.

We are hoping to read the tablename from the UDC table and reading whatever table has been entered in Description 01 (DL01).

How hard is this to do? Is there an easy way?

Our config here:

E1 V9.0 Tools 8.98.42, SQL Server 2008 V2, Windows XT
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Have you looked at the C-code in that function?

There is logic in each of those case statements that is very specific to the tables they open for each of those cases. Unless I am misunderstanding what you're trying to accomplish, I don't see how you can get any real benefit from what you're asking.

The code also has very table-specific parameters for the table Open's (specifying indexes, specifying columns); table-specific data selection. I don't see a good "generic" (if that's what you're after) solution.
Yes. I have read the C++ code in X0909. I see the tables are defined in the X0909.h and Case Statement is based on hardcoded values for Subledger Type, each table requiring its' own code. I don't see a solution for this one.