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  1. N

    Subledger restrictions on PO entry possible?

    When entering POs our users have to select a non stock item, some of which need sub ledgers, some don't. Some need Address Book and some Sales Numbers. Is there any way to restrict what Sub-Ledgers are used? What we would like is for the sub ledger to be greyed out if they shouldn't enter one...
  2. Mike Mackinnon

    R31113Z1I - Updating Subledger to GL (F0911)

    I am using the EDI inbound process to process work order issues but am having a problem with writing the work order in the subledger field in the General Ledger (GLSBL). It seems to work fine for our 'normal' on-line work order issues but does not work when processing the Z-file records (from...
  3. J

    Is it possible to read a table from C++ BSFN when the Table Name is entered into UDC?

    I have a request to modify X0909 (Validate Subledger). The Business Community here would like to add Subledger Types and Tablenames to the 00-ST UDC Table. The X0909 C++ BSFN would then be modified to accept the new Subledger Types in 00-ST and use the Number passed to X0909 so the number can be...