1. E9.2 How to have subledger field to be a transaction document?

    How to have subledger field to be a transaction document? E.g. the purchase order that was received in an OV, or the work order from an IM.
  2. Subledger restrictions on PO entry possible?

    When entering POs our users have to select a non stock item, some of which need sub ledgers, some don't. Some need Address Book and some Sales Numbers. Is there any way to restrict what Sub-Ledgers are used? What we would like is for the sub ledger to be greyed out if they shouldn't enter one...
  3. Mike Mackinnon

    R31113Z1I - Updating Subledger to GL (F0911)

    I am using the EDI inbound process to process work order issues but am having a problem with writing the work order in the subledger field in the General Ledger (GLSBL). It seems to work fine for our 'normal' on-line work order issues but does not work when processing the Z-file records (from...
  4. Is it possible to read a table from C++ BSFN when the Table Name is entered into UDC?

    I have a request to modify X0909 (Validate Subledger). The Business Community here would like to add Subledger Types and Tablenames to the 00-ST UDC Table. The X0909 C++ BSFN would then be modified to accept the new Subledger Types in 00-ST and use the Number passed to X0909 so the number can be...