Importing Excel data to the Grid and Loading the Grid data to the table



I have an issue with loading an excel data to the

I imported multiple Item data from excel to a Headerless detail form which used a Business View over F4101.
The excel has only item# field.

after the data is imported to the grid, the user has to enter the rest of the columns in the grid like(divn, unit of measure, prod type, etc).
After all the records are validated, I click ok so that the item# information on each row of the grid will be updated to the F4101.

Problem after clicking the OK.

1. E1 automatically just read the last record on the grid and doesn't update the item number on the table for that last record read.

Question: 1. If I want to do a custom read of the grid record, How can I read all the records in the grid(starting from Record 1 till the end(example up to the 5th row).

The grid when first displayed, it has empty rows. Only after the import from excel and user input of other info that the grid has data.
Use System Function "Change Row Selection(with All Rows, Selected)". Then use 'Repeat for Grid' feature to iterate through the grid records.

If you want to upload bulk items, you have to use Inventory Interoperability so that it will update Item Master, Item Branch, Item Location etc.